San Fransisco, steep hills and trams.

Last City on our trip, this is where we spend the last few days and deliver our vehicle. Did we take our RV down the famous winding Lombard Street, and more importantly, are we still stuck there?


A song of Ice and Fire

Once again on the road, and we all start to see the end of our journey. Just a couple of days left here in the US. Here’s a lengthy recap of the last two days. The title of this post comes from the difference between snowball throwing in Yosemite and running around half naked in the heat in Death Valley, all within 24 hours.


P: Sjur F

Viva Las Vegas

For me personally one of the top 3 cities during this trip. Everything about the city lived up to the expectations, the lights, the people, the casinos and of course the famous strip. Perhaps not New Orleans-crazy, but it definitely had it’s own flavor of crazy.


The outbacks

The past few days has flown away, and we have experienced a lot and had no time for writing an update for you guys!


P: Jonas L

White Sands

A couple of days ago we visited a desert named White Sands. Surrealistic landscapes and a perfect chance to play around with photographing, and just relax for a few hours.


Photorecap #3

Photo recap from the last days. This should cover some of the fun we had between New Orleans Louisiana and right before entering New Mexico.


Guns, Texas-style!

Reddit user R_Shackleford invited us to Lonestar Gun Range near Lockhart, Texas, to try a small selection of his guns. We were ecstatic, and he gave us an experience we will remember for a long time!


Hello bloggen, hi Kerrville

We’ve come to a point on our journey where we time-wise can afford to slow down. Since last update we’ve slept at a Walmart outside Austin, shot loads of guns at a shooting range, eaten real Texas barbeque, driven a few hundred miles, and slept again in Kerrville.

Read more to read all the delicate and intricate details.


Trouble in old New Orleans

Moving on to Louisiana we explored a old World War II ship that served and saw action  against the Japanese, experienced the jazz, blues and seafood of New Orleans and had some problems on our way getting out of the city. Nothing we couldn’t handle but a speed bump nonetheless.


Phrases we hear on a daily basis

  • Are you in a band?
  • Is that real hair, or is it dyed?
  • Are you from CNN or something? You have more cameras than you are people in total.

Photorecap #2

Photo recap from the last couple of days. Some Orlando, some Miami, some Everglades and something in between. (more…)

We just timetraveled!

That is, we drove over the point that separates US eastern timezone and US central timezone. Bound for Mobile, Alabama, cruising along interstate 10. Before the night time comes we will probably be near New Orleans. Before that, battleship USS Alabama.


Photorecap #1

Hello from the other side

We arrived in New York late last night, after a somewhat delayed flight over the Atlantic ocean. The delay was caused by a passenger being escorted off the plane by uniformed police. We’re all curious about what the man’s story was, but we will probably never know… 🙁


Off we go!

We are all set here at Oslo Airport OSL! Boarding will start shortly and soon our lolish trip will begin. We will try to provide an update here every day for the next 24 days!


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