City of Breaking Bad

Another update from the other side! Today we write about Snow, Breaking Bad and Barbecue!

We are now driving east along the Grand Canyon in 1 degree Celsius and heavy snow conditions without any cell coverage. Since the view of the canyon is limited now, it is a fitting time to write a new update for you all.

We watched the sunset at White Sands and staying a night not far from the national park the day before we headed to Albuquerque. We wanted to check out many of the filming locations from Breaking Bad and some of the city. We stayed at a campground not far from Central Ave which is a part of the old route 66 though the US. Every two day or so we need to dump our tanks and fill the fresh water tank, a night at a camp ground with “full hookups” gives us the possibility to do so, and also connect to the city power grid.

We spent the evening in Albuquerque walking down Central Avenue checking out some parts of it with old closed down petrol stations and old motels. All the traffic that went thorugh Albuquerque on route 66 is now going on Interstate  Further down in Nob Hill we ate some wonderful burgers with Waguy meat. The next day we spent driving around in Albuquerque checking out many of the locations used in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. We visited Walter Whites house, Hanks house, Saul Goodman’s office from Breaking Bad and Jimmies office from Better Call Saul. We also checked out the car wash and the place where Walter where picked up when getting a new identity. And of course we where at Los Pollos Hermanos which in real life is a burrito restaurant called Twisters where we finished our Breaking Bad tour in Albuquerque with some burritos. We visited the nearest Walmart to stock up with food and drink and other stuff to prepare for a barbecue in the desert west of Albuquerque.


On the way west we also checked out another filming location from Breaking Bad in the Navajo Indian reservoir – To’Hajiilee.