Welcome to Southern Florida

A new update from the south

Welcome to Miami

As stated in the previously update we headed south towards Miami! We drove out bright and early from the RV Park. As soon as the traffic started to thicken we dropped of the I-95 and headed out towards Miami Beach. Parking with this huge beast requires a lot of research – we had found a, what seemed a perfect spot on Google Maps, but it was now a construction site… After some rounds in the city we found a neat little parking lot with 3 hours parking. We enjoyed a nice walk on South Beach and Ocean Dr where we filled our stomachs with the Original Burger from Jonny Rockets before heading west towards Everglades National park.


Everglades National Park

We took the I-75 west and we found a neat little spot to take a short stop to overlook the beautiful sunset over the glades. After some more hours driving we found a trailer rest place where we stayed the night among good trailer company. The next day we went to Captain Jack’s Airboat Tours in Everglades City where we had one and a half hour of guided racing among alligators and coons in the swamp.


At the moment we are heading to northern Florida we’re we are planning a skinny dip in the sunset before we leave the state.

Bye bye, Florida.