San Fransisco, steep hills and trams.

Last City on our trip, this is where we spend the last few days and deliver our vehicle. Did we take our RV down the famous winding Lombard Street, and more importantly, are we still stuck there?

No, we didn’t go down Lombard Street, or drive in the city centre at all. We parked at Candlestick RV Park, a completely average and nothing special RV park just outside of the city. It was not cheap or really that great, but the most important for us was easy access to drive the bus in to, and easy access for us in to the city. We parked the RV, fired up the barbecue pit and grilled some steaks and vegetables and had a good evening. The next day we took the shuttle they offered at the park in to the city, looking back it was way too overpriced and late leaving the park, but no matter, we still got in the middle of the city relatively quick. First stop was China Town and food, we found a place that served sushi on small little boats floating at the bar going one direction with new plates constantly circulating new food around to the guest sitting around. One plate with one colour was 1 dollar, another 3.99 depending on what was served on it. Good concept, food was okay, the hardest lesson learned was not to order soda with ice cubes. Jonas and I regretted our choice and could not finish the drink because of the strong chlorine smell and taste. No worries, they had beer in bottles.

P: Jonas L


Because of the higher temperatures in the US I completely forgot to purchase a new jacket in the early stages, and suddenly remembered I had to get one, and also I had forgotten to get something for my sister. First stop was North Face, luckily just around the corner from the Sushi place, and the gift was also nearby. After this we went onboard the famous trams that run up and down the city steep hills. The fare was 7 dollars for as long as you wanted, but if you hopped off you would need to pay again. The ride was interesting standing on the side hanging on with our hands, moving very fast and very close to the cars parked along the road. Watching Sjur balance 2 cameras and himself was interesting.

Once we jumped off we were right on the top off Lombard and Filbert street. Filbert is the most steep road in San Fransisco, so interesting to see. Moving on down the hills we walked along the piers trying to find the boats out to Alcatraz, but we just missed the last trip out for the day. We continued along the pier breaking off moving on in to the city and ended up walking all the stairs up to the Coit Tower in the Telegraph Hill neighbourhood, and relaxing at the top enjoying the view.

P: Jonas L


We finished off the day with beer and food at Rogue Ales Public House on Union and Powell, ending the night early to prepare and pack for the next days flight and travel.